Prehistoric Bosses

Everyone’s got complaints about bosses , something or the other they dont like, even if he is according to most standards…perfect. But ever had one whoc was technologically obselete?

I unfortunately am one of those unlucky bastards who went through 3 jobs, in 3 years with 2 of the dumbest guys in the internet industry today, all thats behind me now, but in hindsight i must say that they did provide some good laughs !

BOSS 1 over the years..!

1. I dont like the internet , it makes my wrists hurt.

2. The internet is only for people who dont have any knowledge…its true..i read it online.

3. Why would i want faster decisions? I’ll have to think harder.

4. My business strategy for the internet is to not have a business strategy for the internet.

5. I like screensavers but they keep going off..??!!

6. Why do you want a raise , dont you know the internet industry is collapsing ( back then i was into book publishing)

7. I downloaded a song , 3MB in 2 that good speed?

8. A senior manager was fired for looking at porn online…he should have stuck to his magazines and not gone online.


1. CPM? CPC? CPA? p>

2. (after being told) why do people use non industry terminology..?? What CPC? Why cant they say cost per click?

3. One of the first things we will do to pick up online revenues is to re-design the webiste and the backend. ..(turning to the tech guys).. is 2 hours good enough??

3. 20 INR CPM will not do… ask for what if we dont have a website ready yet?

4. Lets get into online shopping….my wife will definetely use it.


Google? What is Google?

well…. maybe i lied about the last one 🙂

Got any incidents you all would like to mention then please do so!!

I Feel like writing ???!!!

6 hours a day, everyday on the internet later i still havent got a blog. Not to say that i havent tried, i probably have over a 1000 blank pages, another huge number of sub domians, and a ridiculous amount of half puked pages on the internet….. but today….but today i feel different (maybe too much coffee too early on)..but i do believe i might just end up completing something , i am being super productive at work, happy, carefree (damn! it has to be the coffee)…..or is it?