Review : Earthstorm

EarthstormThe Plot

 A massive asteroid / meteor crashes into the “dark side” of the moon causing havoc in weather and tides on Earth. The planet is them bombarded with city sized asteroid debris causing much death and destruction. Scientists then discover that the debris raining down on earth is not that of the asteroid but is in-fact pieces of the moon itself who now threatens to tear itself apart and crash into earth resulting in Armageddon.


🙂 I knew i was exposing myself to a lot of frustration, garbage the minute i hit the download button on my torrent client , but i have a weakness for films based around such plot-lines – Armageddon ,Deep Impact, Sunshine etc and not watching it was never an option.

I was actually feeling quite confident that it would not be too bad or cheesy at all considering the fact that Stephen Baldwin was in it. Not that Stephen is a Tom Hanks but he does have alot of films and acting experience under him.

Needless to say he did not help. In-fact he looked more uncomfortable, rigid than anyone else in the film. Flat dialogues with a very noticeable effort to deliver on dialogue’s. The other actors were not far behind in their convincing abilities. Anna Silk was obviously present there to try and provide the “hot girl in distress’ angle to the whole thing while Amy Price could have been done away altogether.

The effects are not good at all and it comes to light as soon as the movie comes on. One of the first scenes is of the asteroid striking the moon and instead of feeling that its happening in space , it feels like a clip picked straight out from a video game…and this carries on for the entire movie. Some of them feel more outdated than what one would expect to see on the old Star Trek series.

The pace is fast , things keep happening all the time minus on or two moments of self – reflection by the actors which unfortunately are just YUCK!  Not something you would plan a whole evening around!



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