Review : The Host

The HostThe Plot

One day, a mutant suddenly appears from the depths of the Han River and spreads panic and death. A local businessman’s grand-daughter is taken by the mutant. In the middle of the grief the family discovers that she is still alive and go to rescue her facing independent perils , and challenges along the way.


Watch the movie if you dont have anything else to do , thats how i ended up seeing it. The plot line was actually not that bad as was the general pace and suspense the movie kept alive and in the end turned to be quite a reasonable way of spending 2 odd hours.

 The basic problem in enoying this movie is the english dubbing. While the dubbing in itself is good, a lot of emotion , and dialogue effect is lost in translation. Scenes which were meant to be sad , self reflecting with a strong under effect of tragedy ended up looking like comic scenes straight out of a friday night martial arts film on Star Movies…and this is what took away from most of the fun.

The special effects were good , the monster did not look scary to me (but i have watched one too many sci-fi flicks) and seemed to be rather clumsy at times with a strong resemblance to a frog on wobbly legs. But close ups and slower scenes were good and so was the detail.

Sound was ok , nothing to write home about but the tracks did their job reasonably.

I would not advise anyone spending too much money on seeing this film. While it is schedule to hit theatres in India i doubt that the life for the movie on screen will be more than 10 odd days. Better to hop on to a bit torrent client and download it.

Over all rating would be 5 / 10….mostly because there is no way for me to evaluate the acting since the dubbing reduces the “feel” factor.

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