Colva hits the Spot

Colva BeachWent to Goa earlier this year in Feb. It was the first time i was going and for years i had been hearing about the place from everyone , and for a guy who used to live the S , D and R& R life , it had to be done!! That changed this year. We got into G from Pune since that was our first stop on the vacation. Took an overnight sleeper bus and were near Colva by about 6 in the morning. Hired a Taxi (they are expensive, please don’t hesitate to bargain) and after a 40 odd minuted drive were at our hotel.

We stayed in a place called the Amigo Plaza, for 900 Rs a night we were given a ground floor double ac room, with a private porch and all amenities possible. The resort is literally 2 minutes away from the beach…can hear the sea at night!! I of-course could not wait to get into my shorts, sandals, trunks and head out but ended up having a rushed breakfast and then go out. The hotel is located in a small fishing village kind of a location amidst lush green palms and is truly a walkers delight.

We made our way to the beach and i was almost blinded we we scaled a small dune and saw the beach for the first time. The sand is white and soft and the sea a light blue. Mother nature at its best with her palate of colours.

We quickly found a shack where we settled ourselves in for the day. Got sleeper chairs and cold beers and cocktails. The rest of the day was spent in taking occasional dips in the sea and then back on the chair for another beer. The food was lovely. we had freshly caught lobster and prawns. My wife is a sea food maniac so she had been drooling pretty much when we left Delhi. The food is excellent though some items are expensive. The lobster was for about 900 but the prawns a measly 120. In Delhi the same items would have cost about 1500 and 500 respectively. Don’t expect to get too many choices for beer there. Alcohol is pretty cheap as well and some of their wines must be tasted.

In the evening we went back to change and then were back at the beach for more drinking and eating and to watch a beautiful, slow, vibrant sunset. we had dinner at a shack called SandPat (i would recommend this to everyone) owned by this couple from England.

The next day bought the realization that my wife had got sun-burnt so the morning was spent in procuring a lotion. post this we decided to explore and spent the next couple-of hours walking around in all directions to get the feel of the place in. We considered hiring a bike but both of us were so happy with where we were that we did not feel the need to venture out. The evening saw us back at Sandpats for more seafood and the sunset. Shacks on Colva are open pretty late minus a few, esp the ones owned by foreigners, they shut at about 11-12.

The next couple of days were spent pretty much like this.,we had settled down to a slow pace. Reading, swimming, eating..thats all one did the entire day. A lot of shopping was done, shells, traditional wear, handicrafts etc all in all a ball.

Colva offers a lot of recreational activities such as jet ski.s boat rides etc but we have done enuf of those in our lives so were more than happy just lazing around…but expect to be approached by a lot of guys offering you these services and from what i remember they were not exactly cheap.

Colva is much less crowded that Calungete, that’s why we opted for it. Don’t expect to find the same kind of things happening here such as wild parties etc etc. This is truly a lazy-bones beach.

Everyone thinks they can play (music)…

I was on the lucky guys who started interacting with the Delhi music circuit even before there was one. Had a blast playing during college and attending shows by Indian Ocean, Parikrama and to some degree Rotten Tomatoes, which were to the only real solid bands around at that time. 

Then i went away, got tucked into a corner in Noida for 2 years doing my MBA and when i did come this side of the river again it was not all that it was cracked up to be. During my two years one heard a lot of (supposedly good) things about the music scene in Delhi – original music, world class guitar players , experimentation , fusion and so on— Yes! Delhi was poised to produce the next Floyd! The next Zepplin , Steve Wai , Morrison …..

When in actuality 90% of the bands in Delhi suck..and suck big time! The only thing common between them and any of the bands listed above is….nothing! They are all under some delusion that they are good, have some of the cheesiest names you will find in the business and play as well as i spell! Bars and Pubs are lining up to hire bands for as many nights as they can leaving sane people with good ears absolutely no place to go and hear some good music.Sure they have fenders, and tube amps hooked to state of the art sound processors but if that’s all it takes, hey , i made it when i was 12!Very few can barely manage a Denver cover but think they are capable of producing original music. 

 Lyrics and scores probably dreamt or copied from the internet are pushed to the audience as being the next big thing , as being different and the minute they say different they will go ahead and Tag it as fusion as well. Plagiarism is aplenty and anyone who has listened to music extensively enough will see that.Bloated egos because they have 1 fan who is always there…probably because he does not know where he is to begin with. Theatricals galore , mass handshakes  , arrogance , ignorance , lack of skill is actually what makes the Delhi circuit…… and fueling them on is a certain audience who think these guys are the best , for no reason whatsoever.

I bumped into this woman at TC a few weeks back who had come from Chandigarh to listen to a band which she had never heard , but only heard of… on asking her i was told she had “heard they were good through a friend”….. they friend probably being one of the members of the band itself. She had no clue what they played, how long they had played for , remember any of the songs, recall the covers or the artists…..nothing… as far as music went she was as knowledgeable as a dodo… but yet she was there..and so were another 200 similar people… all under the pretence that they were cool by being here , that they knew music , appreciated it , understood it…while in actuality were Dodo’s themselves. All they do is get between me and the beer!

Then there are those who think they know the business. A friend of mine post graduating from one of the top colleges in the country decided to become a manager….for bands. Qualification… that she liked off she went with the full confidence that the newest entry  in 2008 in India’s  richest people list will be the bands she manages. What happend was ofcourse totally different….. her love for morrison did not help her understand sound , networking , administration , business logic …and basically screwed it up with most of those bands. They are not , believe you me , swearing by her…they are swearing at her!

Not every band is idiotic nor is every person who attends one of these things. Fortunately there are some really talented people around and im glad i know them, and invariably bump into them often enough to keep my sanity on this.So the next time you are in Delhi or planning to go out and attend a “show” , think thrice! You might just be better off with your walkman!Thanks to the following bands for still keeping some hope alive for all of us:-Soap, HFT , Indian Ocean , Menwhopause !