Movie Review : Sunshine



Our sun is dying , and the only hope for survival is a team of astronauts which is sent to revive the dying sun by delivering a payload which will re initiate the fusion process within the sun. A similar team was sent 8 years ago but did not succeed and was never heard from again.


I , to be honest , did not even know that this movie existed. While surfing a site dedicated to science fiction i came across it and the plot immediately caught my attention , as such plots never fail to do 🙂

Fortunately good releases were already out on the torrent community and 6 hours later the download was completed and the movie ready to be watched !

The special effects grab you right at the beginning of the movie and hold you for much after it has finished. The images of the sun, space,planets and the ship would be mind-blowing on a cinema screen and i for one plan on watching it once it hits the big screen.

 The movie starts out by showing the astronauts going about their business , interacting with each other , preparing for the work which lies ahead. Everything is fine and the plot is slowly but steadily building up.  Suddenly the movie jumps up a few gears  post the first half an hour and  the tranquil journey starts to be overcome with death and Murphy’s law. Fire , personal battles , mechanical failures, suicides, semi-monsters take over the plot.

I got the feeling from about this point that the movie was being rushed. As if the producers suddenly realized that they had mis-calculated the allotted time and were now rushing to complete it. The plot takes on a very familiar space movie plot and as far as i was concerned it was just a matter of completing the movie from now on.  I stopped sitting at the edge of my seat at this point.

The pace of the movie is fast but viewers will start getting an idea of what the ending will be , or atleast a few options. There are no “twistss in the tale” on this one.

 This is not a typical sci fi movie , in the sense, there are no aliens , invasions , dog fights in space and thus it will hold viewer interest ,well ,from that perspective i.e. the setting is unique and for people who are not in the habit of seeing every sci fi film which come’s out – it will probably be one they will remember for a while.

Most of the actors are un heard of minus of course Chris Evans of the Fantastic Four , but have all done well in delivery and i hope one will get to see more of them.


Final verdict ; Overall rating 7.5 / 10

6.5 / 10 on plot

8 / 10 on graphics

8 / 10 on acting


One thought on “Movie Review : Sunshine

  1. Nice reviews , keep it up. Would love to read some detailed articles on Himachal from you. Visited the place around 2 years ago and planning to come again later this year.

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