Delhi Flooded , so what’s new?


Yes that is bus. No that is not a swimming pool , nor is it any sort of a canal. This dear people is a “National Highway” in Delhi , the Capital of India.

Delhi has been receiving massive amounts of rainfall in the last 2 days.  More rain fell down in one day than the entire month of July . The above picture, taken at a locality called Dwarka was the scene of sheer pandemonium , as is clear from the picture. From reports read, the side walls of the subway collapsed


resulting in flooding and commuters barely escaping with their lives in the nick of time….either that or it could simply be a drainage issue which plauges multiple subways across the city as well.

Needless to say this it will be a while before this bus see’s any action on the roads of the capital…which might not be such a bad thing , considering the rising number of bus accidents in the city , but thats another story.

The list of “heavily hit” localities in Delhi included some of the posh-est ones such as Defence Colony , Greater Kailash , South Extension , i shudder to think of the state of things in less developed areas.

There are of course no combat strategies , solutions being out forth by the officials. They are currently involved in passing the buck on to each other , they only time they do “pass on” anything.

Fortunately for me my office is 5 minutes away from where i live , and there no delays in me getting there but some commuters have taken as long as 3 hours , whereas the actual drive would be around 30 minutes.

I don’t expect any respite soon , with the way most government departments work it will probably be a few years before they implement anything , till then don’t throw that canoe away.

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