Sanjay Dutt Imprisoned


His were probably some of the only Hindi movies which i ever enjoyed watching , especially the 2 “Munna Bhai” series , but all things said and done what he sowed is what he has reaped.

There have been mixed views floating in the media regarding the 6 year jail term he has received. More often than not people are opposing the decision, mentioning that the term is too long, too harsh and that he should be allowed leniency for good behaviour , disciplined conduct and any hogwash they think will pass.  Fortunately the leniency bid was denied.

Its funny how the average person in India constantly complains about the judicial system in the country and how justic is not fair, that it tilts towards those with wealth , popularity and power. When the judiciary does take , what can only be termed as a milestone decisiontoward equality in justice then they oppose it….

…You might ask why , and you might hear a lot of reasons , but the fact of the matter is that half our country comprimises of a population which devoted , blindly , to politics and Bollywood. Most actors and politicans are treated as god’s and systems, reules, laws be hanged if any of them are caught breaking them.

I have nothing personal against the guy , but i do believe and hope for an efficient system which i might need  , or have to interact with , in someway , one day.


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