Colva Beach

beach-goa1.jpg We got into goa from pune since that was our first stop on the vacation. Took an overnight sleeper bus and were near colva by about 6 in the morning. Hired a Taxi (they are expensive, please dont hesitate to bargain) and after a 40 odd minuted drive were at our hotel.

We stayed in a place called the Amigo Plaza, for 900 Rs a night we were given a ground floor double ac room, with a private porch and all amenities possible. The resort is literally 2 minutes away from the beach…can hear the sea at night!! I ofcourse could not wait to get into my shorts, sandals, trunks and head out but ended up having a rushed breaskfast and then go out. The hotel is located in a small fishing village kind of a location admist lush green palms and is truly a walkers delight.

We made our way to the beach and i was almost blinded we we scaled a small dune and saw the beach for the first time. The sand is white and soft and the sea a light blue. Mother nature at its best with her palate of colours.

We quickly found a shack where we settled ourselves in for the day. Got sleeper chairs and cold beers and cocktails. The rest of the day was spent in taking ocassional dips in the sea asnd then back on the chair for another beer. The food was lovely. We had freshly caught lobster and prawns. My wife is a sea food maniac so she had been drooling pretty much when we left delhi. The food is excellent though some items are expensive. The lobster was for about 900 but the prawns a measely 120. In delhi tese same items would have cost about 1500 and 500 respectively. Dont expect to get too many choices for beer there. Alcohol is pretty cheap as well and some of their wines must be tasted.

In the evenign we went back to change asnd then were back at the beach for more drinking and eating and toi watch a beautiful, slow, vibrant sunset. we had dinner at a shack called SandPat (i would recommend this to everyone)
owned by this couple from england.

The next day bought the realization that my wife had got sunburnt so the morning was spent in procuring a lotion. post this we decided to explore and spent the next coupleof hours walking around in all directions to get the feel of the place in. We considered hiring a bike but both of us were so happy with where we were that we did not feel the need to venture out. The evening saw us back at Sandpats for more seafood and the sunset. Shacks on colva are open pretty late minus afew, esp the ones owneed by foreigners, they shut at about 11-12.

The next couple of days were spent pretty much like this.,we had settled down to a slow pace. Reading, swimming, eating..thats all one did the entire day. A lot of shopping was done, shells, traditional wear, handicrafts etc all in all a ball.

Colva offers a lot of recreational activities such as jet ski.s boat rides etc but we have done enuf of those in our lives so were more than happy just lazing around…but expect to be approached by a lot of guys offerinf you these servivces and from what i remember they were not exactly cheap.

Colva is much less crowded that Calungete, thats why we opted for it. Dont expect to find the same kind of things happening here such as wild parties etc etc. This is truly a lazy-bones beach

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