Cell Phone Cross Connection , Airtel frequency


I was not even aware that this would happen.

Walking back to my car yesterday , speaking to my sister about something and then suddenly out of no-where i could hear these 2 guys chatting away regarding a consignment of furniture to be delivered to Jaipur.

The connection with my sister was totally cut off , and when these 2 finished their conversation then my phone tuned into some one else. I did for a minute think it might have been a police transmission , but then the content obviously did not support that (Not that i have any doubts that our cop’s would be talking about something like this)

Eventually after 3-4 conversations i was finally back in the loop , but this time with some other guy all together..who in this case could talk to me.. really strange..?

I guess the logical explanation would be that someone managed to touch that frequency while i was making the call…. the question is what… CB radio….in India, unheard of.

The second question would be that was i the only one affected or anyone using Airtel at that point / location. I did a google on it but failed to come up with any solid answers , but i spent all of 5 minutes looking so maybe i missed something. Maybe my handset?

Location GK 1 , Time 18:30 Hrs , Provider : Airtel , Handset : 6681, Nokia

Anyone? Hellooooooo?

8 thoughts on “Cell Phone Cross Connection , Airtel frequency

  1. wiered thing,

    one wiered thing happened to me during a call from a cell phone.would like to know where to complain and why is it happening. the other day i get a call from my moms no.. but the person who was talking was a complete stranger.happened 2ice. i thought the phone is lost so called back. and well my mom replied.another funny thing was this fellow started asking when he had called as to who am i. the next day while my mom was calling one is that i cannot hear her voice… (when she dials). but however she could hear a guy talking. at times voice even echoes. i would like to know what is this happeneing and why where do i complain. does anyone else also experiences this?

  2. The same cross connections happened to me also in last few years, once I was calling my friend, as soon as phone was picked, instead of him some women voice I heard & she was talking to a doctor about some thing I dont remember, amazing thing is that my friend heard a doctor talking instead of me.

    Haha….sometimes technical gliches also add to Ghost like scenerio rather than that……

    I strongly belive possiblity of Technical gliches in all these cases either due to harware or software or momentary wrong catching of the frequency of almost closest characterstics…..

    It happens, I now belive as it happened to you guys…


  3. i know how it feels, my whole life is ruined becose of this cross connection, can any one help me how to trace where did the call connect at that perticlar time

  4. Today i called up my friend in blore from vodafone to air-tel but suddenly cross connection where the person is asking me why i called. Then again my friend called back and this happened to him, Is there any problem with vodafone or should i change my service provider.

  5. yes it happens but rarely…
    today only this kind of error and was curious to know about it and found your article..
    AIRTEL, i think is so much affected by this.. i came across many such articles referring to airtel only… strange .. i never faced anything like this before..

    Its Cross Connection/ Induction Issue in my case as i only heard other party speaking and my voice was not going anywhere..
    Faced It Twice ..
    tried to complain but customer care ppl didn’t understood what i was trying to say.. they never even heard the term ” Cross Connection ” ! They escalated my call and seniors asked me to wait around 10 mins after which the call disconnected.. 😦
    lets see if there’s more to come…

    Greater Noida
    Airtel NCR Number
    Once In Morning And Now Again In The Evening
    8th July 2014

  6. Suppose I call my friend.but my friend received a call from other number but he heard my voice.but I heard other voice
    Is this type of cross connection happened or not?

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