Shimla – Part 2

For those who have reached this directly please look at my earlier post titled Shimla – PArt 1 to get clarity on what i am writing about. For those who are coming from that post read on..! All reviews are based on personal interaction with the property and its various aspects.

The following are resorts which are found on the other side of Shimla i.e driving stright through the town towards Mashobra and Kufri.



Chalets Naldehra

 If you are reading this then you have just discovered one of the best properties in Shimla and its surrounding regions. A relatively recent property it is located at a 45 minute drive from the main town. Post crossing the village of Sanjauli , the drive carries on through a back-road taking you right into the heart of the reserve forests , past the Naldehra Golf Course and onto the Chalets.

This place scores high on everything , the architechture, accommodation , food , staff , location , facilites and activities . The resort comprises of cottages , apartments and Suites spread over an acre of pristine forest land. The resort offers facilities such as a Billiards table, swimming pool, Spa and jacuzi , Bar and a children activity centre. Host of activities and games available including but not limited to – Bonfires, Barbeques, Cultural evenings, cards, croquet , a putting green and many more.

There are numerous walks and treks available. This side in General is very low with respect to polulation density and the fact that it is reserve forest land makes it absolutely breath taking.  Is close to the Catchment area which is accessibly by advance permisson from the government and Kufri , another hot tourist destination- but if you dont enjoy the smell of horses and rubbing shoulders with tons of people skip it.

Also accessible is the Naldehra Golf Course. A very quaint course located on a hillside but is complete with respect to challenges and the fun any other course can offer.

The resport is expensive in comparison to the other 2 i have written about but considering the facilities it put’s out i think its a fair deal. I am not sure if discounted packages are available but once can , i am sure, push for them.


Unfortunately i have not visited any other resort this side , a big factor in this that there are not too many good ones. One will be able to find as many as a 100 in Sanjauli but if avoidable unless you have a passion for getting rooked and living is nothing short of a public urinal.

One hotel this side worth mentioning is the Wildflower Hall. The propoerty had been wasting away post a massive fire and then a feud between the management and the state government regarding certain areas. Massive restoration work was conducted and the property has been on the market now for a while.


Yes i know , it looks amazing in this snap. Well it is. The reason i am not going to write at length about it is simply that this is an Oberoi property and there is a certain minimum expectation level which is delivered. What i will say is that it is very expensive and you should consider some of the other options if you are not a 5 star restricted traveller. 

Ok fine !! Here’s another snap :-


Yep! Think i might have lost the battle to persuade you guys to try out something else..? Well you can always do a day on each and gauge for yourself.


Tons of personal snaps available as well , if anyone needs any more info then let me know. Also writing a Third Part to this which highlights some of the hotels in the main town itself , useful for those needing to be in the heart of Shimla. Check out the last part.



One thought on “Shimla – Part 2

  1. We plan to go to shimla from delhi and also travel to Manali. Can eny one help us to how to go about it…we will be travelling from Mumbai to Delhi by train…Rajdhani …..

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