Shimla – Part 3

Hi. Ok This will be very brief (yet informative..dont worry!). Listing a few hotels available within main Shimla itself which are excellent choices if you are not in a position to live at the outskirts.

All reveiws are based on actual interaction with the property with respect to all its areas of function.



Woodville Palace

If you are here then you are about 10 minutes WALKING distance from the mall. Right in the centre of town and you have access to most tourist spots. The exact network of roads which run around this property also house the Chief Minister’s Official residence and are sealed roads i.e only cars with special permission are allowed to ply , hence walking is unrestricted and not inconvenient.

Originally a British Raj Palace it is now , if i remember correctly, with the heritage group of Hotels , an established chain in India. Slightly on the expensive side but an experience in itself. Close to 28 rooms with all modern facilities and amenities. The grounds are on the smaller side but beautiful and green nevertheless. Tennis and Badminton courts.

On the other side i.e opp the direction to the Mall is an area called Chotta Shimla. It is essentially a small market offering lots of small places to eat and shops catering to daily needs. Its a sharp walk downhill , and where the market finishes the residential area begins with a colony called Brokhurst which houses Bungalows set between thick greenery and massive deodar trees. Well worth the walk which will be about 40 minutes , round trip.



Springfield Hotel , Chotta Shimla

 While walking down Chotta Shimla , this property is visible on the left side. As much as i love this property i would advise that this be considered the last option.

The building is , again , from the British Raj times as is as such a proper residential property converted to a resort. Very quaint and all facilities available with a beautiful small garden towards the back offering a panoramic view towards Sanjauli…but thats where the charm ends.

The staff is not good at all and that spoils the experience. The resort has been given out by the owner again to Heritage to be run and for some reason Heritage has not managed to give even 10% of the wonderful experience which i have had in some of their other properties. Service is very slow almost unresponsive , certain food items out of stock , Staff in general lax and uninterested.



East Bourne Hotel – Khalini

Another tried and tested property offering good accomodation at fair prices. Staff is satisfactory as are the amenities provide.

Located below the Police Headquarters of Shimla. Not to worry the place is not sawrming with cops or anything. The HQ is located on the Grand Trunk Road i.e the main road serving Shimla , this is a road below it.

Loacted on the edge if a very small reserve forest. The area is slightly crowded. While the property is 5 minutes away from khalini , the local market, there is some construction around , but the property is well cordoned off and once inside it’s nice and open.

A 10 minute walk into the reserve forest leads you to the gates of one the oldest schools in Asia – Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. On the verge of touching the 150 year mark the property of the school is filled with example of pre independence architecture and is an amazing place to walk around. Try your luck and ask if you can get in but they are more disciplined about letting outsiders in now under the new management , old school boys like me barely manage so dont be too hopeful.

The Mall is about 20 minutes away and the reason is that the walk to the Mall is a straight uphill climb. The road eventually hits level just short of the Woodville palace ( If you have been reading everything carefully you should have a picture in your mind now about all 3 places)


That’s about it i guess , plus i cant type another word!! Look forward to comments , suggestions questions anything.


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