Contentsutra reported, rather excitedly, about being tipped off regarding another classifieds website , soon to be launched. To quote them ” Yo! We were tipped off about yet another classifieds portal, this time from the Times Group, yo!”

I was slightly disappointed to note that Contentsutra got it wrong , not regarding the site itself but that the news in itself is close to 2-3 months old. If i remember correctly i heard about the site , and first visited it early April 2007 and have been off and on ever since to see how its getting along.

….And its not getting along. I am perpetually trying to gauge the overall strategy of the TOI group with respect to its online activities. They tend to appear more reactive than proactive. If one was to look at their recent launches – TJ after Naukri, Magicbricks after 99acres , Simply Marry after Jeevansathi….. seeing the pattern? Or is it simply that they are so large and slow that by the time from conception to implementation is just too long and others move ahead.

Anyhow, let me not digress. Coming back to Yolist – many Blogs and content aggregator sites are referring to a launch i.e it has still not been launched. This confuses me because it has been live for 3-4 months and upon hitting the homepage , bottom left you will see a feedback about the site button ? Why would this be there unless the site was already officially live.

Secondly , top right also includes an “YO List Help” icon, which is real time chat with a customer executive at the other end….which is currently closed. The working time is 10 to 6 PM , and considering its 3 PM right now and no one is present to assist, it would be safe to assume that this feature does not exist….which it should if the site is live…. hence….what the hell is it..live or otherwise?

I dont have too many expectations from the site. The last time TOI redesigned their Ads2Book site i was ready to tear my hair out. One of the most hopeless interfaces i had ever seen, and finding an ad you wanted was about as enjoyable as calling up the ICICI customer service..! Multiple filters which get such a precise result that more often than not there is no result. A simplified interface like Kijiji or even Ebay for that matter would have been more than sufficient.

Knowing TOI however i am sure they have something up their sleeve to ensure that whenever the site does go live…er… launches….ummm… is promoted…%$$## is marketed they have enough listings.

Lets see.

One thought on “Yolist.com

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