Planet M to sell Mobiles

Heard the news that Planet M is planning to foray into Mobiles as well. Simply put they will be retailing mobiles from their stores as well. The tie up is with Essar Telecom , and the logic behind it is that music being one of the biggest mobile features , such a step would strengthen the bond between mobiles and music.

Nothing new , Planet M has been selling stuff other than music for a while now. The south extension outlet in Delhi has an all-together section on the FF which caters to electronic items – ipods etc etc.

I think it’s more of an effort to ensure more minutes per visitor in the store and consequently the higher chances of a sale. Music is still a big business as far as piracy is concerned and with no stringent laws governing P2P platforms such as Bittorrent (Thank God!!) , they might not be doing too well. Sure the places are always full, barely room to walk around – how many of you want to bet that a good percentage of those foot falls are people with no intention to buy but listen to free music ,and another percentage as people just “hanging out” in that particular market or mall? So if one cant make enough money through your initial business model , then what….. extend the product line.

Not that there is anything wrong with it, I hope it works, but i for one would have concentrated more on being able to deliver on what i started with (read good music). I have had numerous issues with them. Broken cd covers, scratched discs, unplayable movie formats , lack of stock, inadequate representation of all genres of music etc etc. I would rather fix that and then look at other things, and maintaining a certain min. standard on quality. What prevents the same mistakes, or lack of discipline occurring in other areas as well?

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