Delhi Speed Limit – Too low too slow.

I bang my head and twinkle my toes every time i am returning back to the city from somewhere where i have been to in my car. I just got back from Chandigarh last Sunday. Covered 220 Km’s in less than 3 hours and the remaining 40 to Defence Colony from the Boarded took me almost 1.5 hours…. a sheer waste of time!

Look at the picture below, this is just after i entered the border, and i was going so slow that i could take out my phone and start taking snaps. Nice wide road, almost no traffic….and now look at my speedometer…ya sad right..?


And its quite a shock to the body as well. After being at 100-120 kmph for over 2 hours , to suddenly drop down to 50 is a bit traumatic , not to mention that it can take a while to get used to it. What frustrates me more than anything is that the road leading upto say the ISBT point, is actually reasonably traffic free, 3 laned , well paved road , almost like driving on the Toll Bridge. 50 in Delhi is pretty fast , and i would consider myself damn lucky to be able to get from one place to another averaging that , or in some cases being able to touch it at all.

I dont understand the logic. I agree that in some places a low limit is essential , inside colonies, near school zones , within the heart of the City. Most of these places are anyway so congested that you cant go upto that limit anyway….why then restrict and cause more mental agony to drivers when they do happen to chance upon roads where driving is actually faster than walking.

Take a look at the speed limit map on the Delhi traffic police site – How many of you hate the color yellow now???

I dont think the city has quite grasped the logic behind accidents. Accidents are not a cause of speed , but a result of drivers not knowing how to drive..which we have not managed to do anything about. Yes, the higher the speed the higher the intensity of the accident but it still boils down to the driver. If one is driving knowing the limits of the car , obeying the rules , sober, and more importantly knows his own limit with respect to reaction etc etc accidents will come down.

So, traveling time keeps increasing day by day , exaggerated by the low speed limits, and bad drivers who should not be on the road, or are capable of doing similar damage are allowed to roam free. Guys who obey rules get harrased, guys who dont-well dont really care.

If accidents need to be brought down then the entire system needs to be re-looked at. Strict control is required right at the fundamental levels of the entire system – minors not being issue licenses, multiple offenders not being issued licenses or them being revoked permanently post 2-3 serious offenses , people beyond the legal age not being allowed to drive, lane driving to be implemented blah blah blah…. here are so many other equations which go towards keeping the roads of a city safe… why the hell then are we so bent up about Speed….. ??

Makes me also wonder whether i need to invest in car safety , airbags, traction , ABS… at 50 the damn airbags will probably not register an impact strong enough to deploy them at all!


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