launches revamped website has re-vamped it self and has come out with an altogether new design. The new design has the feel of another site which i cant quite recall right now, but i still have not managed to make up my mind as to whether this is better or worse than their previous design. Take a look at the before and after screenshots and let me know what you guys prefer.

This is the 2nd site to be re-done in the last 2 months by them. The last one being the Financial Express. From what i have heard the entire group is not doing too well , very evident from Shekhar’s email which was leaked out and is posted on my Blog. I dont see any point in this activity unless it will have a strong impact on ad revenues. I have not had the time to compare both the designs but i think the new one plays more on editorial than on Ad slots , which might not be good.

The management at the online division also saw a lot of movement which has not helped in any manner. The initial team for Marketing and Sales resigned as soon as the entry of a new online head. Whether that is related i will not speculate at this point , but it is too much of a coincidence. The current business head is Sanjeev Gera.

express1.jpg expressold.jpg

New Site Old Site

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