Ebay charging Sellers Insertion Fee

I use Ebay off and on to sell stuff which i no longer use. I was a much more active user when it was still Bazee. The transition was a bad experience for me personally with accounts getting held up, feedback being lost and so on.

Anyhow, i went to post a few items on the site today. Ebay’s model is easy. They charge a certain commission on each sale , percentages are defined on the categories and if one opts for any of their visibility services then there are fixed charges as well. If one did not want any of this , once could out up a free posting and pay only if the item was sold.

I posted the first item under Consumer electronics today without any hitch. 5 minutes later i logged back to post the second item and i noticed , on the summary, page a 3 Rs insertion charge. I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure it out and finally decided to chat online with one of their Customer executives.

I was surprised to find that this has now become a policy on Ebay. Each posting will be charged an insertion fee depending on the price :-upto 2000 INR = 1 Rs , upto 10,000 INR = 3 Rs and 5 beyond that.

The only categories which are an exception to this rule are Books and Movie and Music.

Now i am surprised at this genuinely. While the amount is not very big , i dont think its a good or a seller friendly move in the least. Ebay is and has been more partial to buyers than its sellers and this will , i am sure, get some sellers to re-think about posting there considering the number of options available.

Secondly, its simply not fair. Why charge if the item is not sold eventually?

Lastly, it just complicates logistics… imagine if i post only 1 item..at the end of the month i need to remember and send Ebay 3 bucks… and i wont be surprised if a lot of people simply dont pay up.

UPDATED : i managed to get a link to the original announcement made by Ebay on this and realized that they credit the insertion fee if the item is not sold the first time around. If the item is sold then the same will apply + the fees. So while there is some protection to the seller, the overall fees does go up , not by much, but in principle it does go up.

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