1 GB – Now and Then

Got this really cool snap. We have come a long way..and thank god… imagine if my 250 GB hard drive was anywhere close to this..i would need to rent out a house just for the HD.


On the left is the 1GB IBM Hard Drive Circa 1987 and on the right a 1GB card today.


1 GB

2 thoughts on “1 GB – Now and Then

  1. Nice, reminds me of my school days when the hard drive of our computers(in school) was 560 mb and it was considered to be more than ever that’d be required.
    then came, or heard, that there is something called 4GB HD….and all of us were amazed and thought that this would be the end and never would a requirement come of a larger capacity HD, at least not for personal purpose…
    …..look at things today

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