Blue Line Buses – Not their fault alone.

Updated at 4 PM , 8th Oct – The Delhi hig court has asked the government to take action. One – Find out how many politicans own Blue Lines. Second, though i just hear a bit, is that the plan to phase out Blue Lines to be sent in by Thursday this week. Let’s see what develops.


It turned out to be one of those rare Sundays where i actually managed to get some news time in and right from the morning all the way till i went off to sleep at 1 AM , everyone was talking about Blue Line Buses in Delhi.

The enthusiastic coverage had been generated by another accident near Faridabad which resulted in 6 people being killed. The bus was speeding ( 60 kmph in a 40) and ran into people who were getting off another bus. Total death this year , by these buses , is at 93. In typical Indian style the mob beat up the driver, destroyed the bus, police did not do anything and news media started the age old discussion of whether they should be banned and how everyone in Delhi is afraid of them.

After listening for a while i finally got fed up and had to pen this down. The way i see it is that 50% of that 93 probably deserved to die. Most Delhiites  have no manners- be it driving or walking. I drive only 2 kms’s to work everyday and 4 out of 7 days i almost end up hitting someone..not because i drive too fast , or dont concentrate but people here tend to spring out onto the road like rabbits, one would almost imagine that they wanted to get hit..maybe its a new suicidal technique…

Last month at 9 PM near the Interstate Bus Terminal 7 cars got involved in a pile up in front of me..why…

because there was a guy who was standing bang in the middle of the road.. just standing…..not doing anything , just standing and staring at the incoming traffic.. death wish.. i would agree..and cars on this road at that time can hit 80-90 Kmph.

Sheila Dixit said in response to the accident that people should walk more carefully. The anchor on Star looked ready to throw up while quoting her but the truth is that she’s right. All across intersections and roads in Delhi you will see demarcated pavements, bridges , fencing on the dividers…infrastructure to keep pedestrians safe…but no one uses them.

Fancy , comfortable bus-stops , but people prefer standing 5 feet onto the road. The only time the bus stops are used properly is when its raining.  Buses end up stopping in the middle of the roads, creating jams and sometimes pile up’s.

Lastly, its not the damn BUS which is at fault. Its the people driving them. As long as they dont “learn to drive” , they can make anything into a death machine. Take away the buses and they will start driving cabs. Once death tolls increase there..what then..ban cabs as well?

No one is taking steps to analyze the actual problem. They see it as something on 4 wheels whereas the problem is the system.. right from the driving license offices to the traffic police to policies regarding prosecution for road offenses to political apathy. What is required are strong steps  not suggestions , higher fines , stronger punishments. Why impound a vehicle involved in multiple offenses…send it to the scrap yard… if people dont feel the pinch nothings going to happen.

3 thoughts on “Blue Line Buses – Not their fault alone.

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  2. This is a problem with plenty of blame to go around, and along the lines of what you were writing above, it should be noted that the “stop” at which the accident occurred on Sunday was “unofficial”–i.e. not a bus stop at all, just a place where people had gotten in the habit of flagging down buses as they come by, which is what they were trying to do when the Blue Line bus tried to overtake the DTC bus on the wrong side.

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