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This is a bit late in the day i.e the site has been around for a while but i have been putting this off hoping that the site would see some more development.

Everything seems to be going onto the net , and i guess thats good in a way , but not everything can work on the net , and this is something which i dont think too many people have managed to grasp. Its difficult to really stand out in this space and i understand the need for something unique, risky, radical, controversial,  to be used as drivers but some things are just not meant for the net. offers online grocery shopping. In reality what it offers is convenience.  Not having to take out time to shop, not having to get out office or home and so on. The service is currently restricted to Bangalore only, and i am glad that they are using Bangalore as a testing ground for this instead of having gone all out because i quite frankly do not see this working out at all. There are just one too many factors going against it.

The way i see it, the primary TG for a service like this would be DINK’s (Double income no kids) families. People who simply do not have the time. I belog to such a setup as well…but i have not felt the need or the attraction for such a site..and i am sure there are many like me who would fall under some of the reasons below.

1. Prices – The ability to haggle , a way of life with Indians, with your local retailer esp for vegetables and fruits is absent.  The prices are, obviously, fixed and there will always be a doubt whether it would be cheaper in the market place.

2. Quality – You wont know what you are getting till you have got it..

3. Physical Contact – This i think will be a prime factor and is an extension of point 2. There has always been a high degree of physical interaction in this kind of purchase. Wanting to do it yourself to ensure you dont get the worst apples, to take them from the bottom rather than the top of the basket, feel, squeeze, examine to ensure they are ripe and acceptable, no rat bites, bugs etc. All this is not possible on the net, and even if someone who has gone for this has one incident where the quality has not lived upto expectations …it will be bye bye!

Home delivery – One of the “conveniences” offered but to be honest , more often than not, this is more of an inconvenience than otherwise. My wife and i are the only ones at home, with a maid who comes in 3-4 times a week , 2 -3 hours to cleanup. Now what control do i have over the delivery from None , if it happens to come at a time when no one is in the house then what? With my local colony retailer i can simply call him when i am at home or better yet tell him what time to come.

Credit – Agreed, this might be a small reason. I mean one must really be weird to not have the money to pick up day to day groceries but once in a while you might not. Blame it on forget to go to the ATM …and the delivery guy’s standing right there, you can hardly tell him to go away and that you will stop at the shop later on and pay… but thats possible with your local retailer, in fact depending on the rapport one can establish , you could open a monthly account. No more day to day transactions, having to remember to carry money, carry change.

Final verdict – yep the concept is unique, dont think anyone in India has tried it… but that might not be because no one has thought of it…but more because they have thought of the reasons above.

9 thoughts on “Online Grocery Shopping –

  1. Hi puchoo!

    I see that you have a very pessimistic point of view about shopping groceries online!

    I am completely for it as i have done some shopping from storrz! I had shopped for carrots recently and they were packed by the company itself! These are products that you wouldnt be able to check out physically even if had taken all the pain to go to the brick and mortar shop! All i can see is more and more of people going for it! I hear even subiksha is planning to start their own grocery store! Then the competition and the quality of the goods delivered would also increase! We will have to wait for 2 years to see if the Indian Online Grocery portals make it as big as their American counterparts!

  2. Hi Rakesh,

    Sorry for saying this, but this makes you sound out to be someone working for the company…or at least close to it. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

    Incidentally why cant i inspect carrots at a shop?

    2 years is a long time…my post was written more keeping in mind say the near future than that long a horizon.

  3. Puchoo,
    You have a nice analysis of the space . I would like to provide some clarity on the points that your have mentioned.

    – Price: all stores at the Storrz Shopping Mall are well known retail brands and chains. Also the price on the website is the same as that in the store. So haggling is not a issue are it is not possible in real world either at these stores

    – Quality: We have tried to pick only brands with a good quality product offering . Nevertheless when customer complains about a product we do an immediate replacement/refund as desired on the particular item

    – Physical contact , again the prev point addresses this

    We have a strong customer base with a large number of repeat customers. We are launching a new version of Storrz shortly we a whole lot of great features.

    You are welcome to contact us at

    Chandan Maruthi

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  5. I’ve shopped at and the experience was satisfactory.

    There are some pain points such as minimum order of 350 bucks, but i am sure they are going to get better.

    There is a lot of room of improvement in their website though.

    Nice concept, but I wonder if the margins in groceries are big enough to sustain a huge logistic setup.

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