Airtel Changes Broadband Plans – Slyly.

I had been noticing a steady decline in my overall download speed during the last few days. I attributed it to the overall Torrent / Download seed-peer equation but last night at 1 AM i noticed that the speed remianed constant at around 20kbps.

A small history – I have the 999 home plan from Airtel which i got over 1 year ago. As per the plan i was going to get 256 kbps during the day and  512 between 10 30 PM – 6 AM or so.   A pretty good plan which gets one about 1.5 GB worth of downloading every day. Avg speed during the day used to be in the region of 24-26Kbps and between 40 -45 during the night.

Decided to get in touch with Airtel. Airtel’s online live chat executives were not even aware that such a plan existed and kept harping that i had got it wrong. I called the call center which was more clued on and i was right.. Airtel had gone ahead and made amendments without any announcement or information being passed on to us consumers.

I was told that the “double speed” at night had been revoked and the constant speed would now be at 256. Upon asking as to why no information had been provide i was told “Airtel is under no compulsion to give such updates”  !!

One can take a top up of 299 and get back to the original plan. This however would mean that the total fixed cost for the plan goes to 1299 + taxes…pretty expensive in my opinion. None of the other plans come close to this. I am contemplating taking up a billing dispute with them as well now considering i was charged for a plan which i am not interested in and is no longer the one i had chosen.

Rather bad on Airtel’s part to do this in a such a manner. I might just switch to a different ISP as well now. I have the excuse to try someone new out.

5 thoughts on “Airtel Changes Broadband Plans – Slyly.

  1. Hey,
    You are luckier here comparing to my situ here in Sri Lanka. I have 512Kbps (which cost SLR 2700 – Approx INR 900) but I hardly pass the 20Kbps limit in any time of the day. During day times, it is horrible. No one to complain and no one to care.

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  3. What the hell is Nishanthe talking about? Airtel giving 512kbps plans? The plans they give for 3G browsing here in Sri Lanka are in the range of 2Mbps to 3.6Mbps. And they work well, no probs. puchoo’s comments are justified I think, and are helpful. Nishanthe is lost somewhere….. maybe she has not even browsed via 3G.

    I have noticed that sometimes speed decreases, but just dismissed it for the lack of coverage (Airtel’s new here). In comparison Mobitel gives excellent consistent speeds, but without the luxury of a static IP. This is where Airtel gives a worthy deal!!!


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