Airtel’s 8 Mbps plans Dissapoint

I knew about this a week or so before it actually rolled out into the market and was talking with one of my IT guys and both of us were very kicked about the speed, more so since we are both heavy on downloading.

But more disappointment’s than excitement post the launch. While the speeds are excellent what tends to really play foul are the download limits assigned. The cheapest 8Mbps plan is priced at 2222/- per month. Take a look at the excel below where i compare it to the 256 plan i have currently.


Key Things to Note

1. The GB Limit will be reached in 2.4 minutes approximately.

2. 8Gb is equal to roughly only 12 movies.

3. If you were to keep downloading for another 2.2 minutes post crossing the limit i.e another 8GB ,the additional charges which would apply would be 0.90 Paise x 8000 MB = 7200 Rupees.

4. Cost per movie is 202 rupees which is more than what original VCD’s would cost.

So all kudos to Airtel to launch such plans but they need a more competitive pricing policy. Maybe come up with top up options which would allow users to make their plans unlimited. For someone like me, and a lot many more in India where downloading is a big activity these plans tend not to appeal eventually.

Incidentally, i would also request everyone reading this to please visit the Airtel site and look at the current broadband packages. Airtel appears to be deleting a lot of the previous options which were available, if yours is one that does not appear to be there but you are still getting a net connection, they might have put you on a different plan on their own. As illogical as it may sound , Airtel’s customer care executives made it very clear that the company was under no obligation to inform customers of plan changes. I mentioned this earlier as well on a post here.

Update as on 27th Dec 2007

I got my calculations wrong. Its not 12 seconds but 12 minutes for a 700 MB file. Please key in the update while going through the above chart. Not that it makes a big difference for me. Instead of reaching the limit in 2.4 minutes , it will now be about 2.5 Hrs.

2 thoughts on “Airtel’s 8 Mbps plans Dissapoint

  1. Well, first of all its not 12 secs, its 12 mins, if u calculate according to the equation 8Mbps(Mega Bits) = 1MBps(Mega Bytes) , secondly all other countries like US,UK,Canada,etc. also enforce a data transfer limitation, to avoid misuse and reselling the bandwidth further.

    Being an Indian I know, If I got a 8mbps connection with unlimited usage many of us would share the bandwidth with 8 other people over wifi effectively paying Rs.300 approx.per person. Knowing that not all 8 people will be online at the same time, which still offers a single person atleast 1 Mbps at any given time, which is btw way better than a 256K/512K connection.

    Its not how much u pay per movie as opposed to how quickly u need it, if i had friends over and requested to watch a movie which i would want to download..they wont wait 12 hours for it..but 12 mins with 8mbps sounds practical.

    Simple Equation Time vs Money.

    As far is the Automatic switching of plans goes from Airtel’s end, I do agree with the unfair practice they are following, but again its fair enough since we don’t have a law against it.

    Countries like US & Canada have laws where a tariff plan can never be changed for an entire lifetime even if its rolled back the very next day of the day it was offered, they just cannot expell that plan from your services unless you request to do so.

    I don’t mean to be judgmental here, but we as Indians can never be content with any kind of a bargain, we can never be satisfied.

    So lets not be stingy and pay for what we need.

    Adios Amigo

  2. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the calculation mistake point out, have updated the same.

    What you mention about “sharing bandwidth” is something which can happen on any plan, agreed that it might not make sense to split it on a 128 Kb plan but in theory it can.

    I disagree on the “need movie quickly” bit. I guess it depends on individual to individual. I download irrespective of whether i am watching it on my own or with friends. I would be wasting the speed if i was to only do it on , for lack of a better word, requests. For me its collecting, hence the money is more important an equation than time. Time will ofcourse will to a large degree become irrelevant with those speeds, even if it was, which it is not, a factor for me.

    “Content” and “Bargain” are individual specific. What is a bargain to one is inexpensive to someone is expensive to another, as is being content…

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