Top downloads of 2007

This is that time of the year where the “top”, the “best”, the “worst” lists start coming out. In keeping with the spirit of things i thought i might as well put up one here as well. Mine ofcourse matters 😛

The list i agreed with most was the one by  Here is it , in no particular order.

Flock : The social networking browser.Stay in touch without visiting a 100 sites!

Camtasia Studio 5 : A heavy duty recording studio.

Miro : A player which can subscribe and download vodcasts and managing saved media.

Pidgin : A common platform for multi chat clients. The “trillion” of 2007?

Launchy : Faster access to application through the use of hot keys.

OpenOffice : Well, a pretty decent option against MS.

Simplifymedia : Streamlining and highly organized medium for sharing music.

Crossloop :  A free tool allowing you to give relative access of your system to someone.

Audacity :  Multiplatform, open source audio editor.

Digital Editions : One of the best (?) tools for e-books?

Read the full article at download .com

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