Valentine’s day spending characteristics

A little later in the year but still a very interesting read. I had been looking for some data on this for a while and came across this research. Given the publicity which surrounds this day now, its an event in itself for marketing and advertising people. 1030 was the sample size with the major respondents being from the US.

  • 77% respondents spent money on valentines day.
  • Men are more likely to spend money on this day than women (79 vs 71)
  • Boyfriends and Girlfriends spent more money than husbands and wives i.e 119 $ vs 94$


  • Bars/Restaurants took the major portion with 44% respondents spending money here. Women on an average spent 62$ and men 77$.
  • Flowers came in second with 41% of respondents having spent money on this item. Women around 39$ and men around 37$.

A more exhaustive report can be found at the owner’s site at