Small Publishers and Ad -Networks

I was recently going through a study conducted by , which they have posted for public consumption here which attempt to bring into light how the small publisher market is operating with respect to India. While i dont deate the facts and fiures published , i was reasonably surprised to see the data skewed because of one issue which they did not mention or address , in my opinion, basis that , the study , atleast parts of it stand redundant.

If you go through the study , there are a few topics which are  totally off..

  • Do they prefer ad networks..and why?
  • Relevancy of ads
  • Revenue Preference
  • Payment preference
  • Reasons for preferring ad- networks

..They are off because the biggest reason for small publishers preferring ad networks is because they dont have a choice or any other options

Think about it , a blogger or even a few levels up is not going to have the resources to be able to put sales guys on the field to source advertising from agencies. One he cant afford it and secondly if he is small , chances are that the appeal of the website to the agency is not going to be present to begin with.

Hence whom does he turn to – networks ofcourse, there is no requirement of a sales pitch , further expenditure , customized plan …hey not even the need for traffic tracking software…!

The reason why networks are stacking up as the top options in all their fields is because networks are the only way to go for most of these guys. Since Tyroo has taken into consideration publishers who have as much as 500,000 k impressions a month as small publishers (which can be argued) , there are a few responses on the agency and the self marketing front.

Additionally i wonder where this leaves niche websites? Niche websites would be low on impressions but could very well be in the radar books of most agencies depending on what field they are operating in and generating off market CPM’s and CPC’s. Hence they are small because they chose to be , not because of any other reason. I wonder if these would ever fit into a “small publisher” related heading…

Also interesting was this chart which i saw , take a look…… 127 % respondents ???? If 100% prefer ad networks….then why do we have responses coming in for agencies and self ?  Careless mistake or a study conducted purely for PR generation without really thinking it through or doing the mining properly ?

data error in tyroo report

data error in tyroo report

All in all not a very impressive study , or useful.

To take an exampe

The biggest reasons for small publishers preferring ad networks are relevancy of ad’ s and Variety of advertisers

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