What the Hex???

What the Hex , What the hex! – ruins the drive back home every evening.

I am sure a lot of you would have also got exposed to this ad on the radio over the last few days. I dont know about anyone else , but i thought it was irritating as hell…. for the first 2-3 times i firmly believed that the voice over was wrong – some guy and girl trying to be cool and instead of saying ‘heck’ were saying ‘hecks’ – till i realized it was neither – it was Hex!

I get what Reebok is trying to do – play on the word but unfortunately i think they and their writers got it wrong. It does not come out smart sounding at all – just sounds like 2 people who cannot pronounce the word , very very B grade if you ask me.

Any opinions?

Air NewZealand bares all!!

Just to add on to my viral post a few days ago , one came across this great ad from Air New Zealand which is making quite the waves online. Youtube shows almost 1.8 million views since it has been loaded in the 1st week of May 2009 – Now thats a viral!

Check it out here.

Lets make a Viral…..

I dont understand why client cant get it!

Over the last week , all i have heard is ‘lets make a viral”¬† ‘ i have a brilliant idea, lets do a viral” , “why cant we do a viral”….

You cant , becasue its not in your hands….

A viral is in it pure marketing sense is an advertisement or a creative which is pushed into the market and will get passed from person to person if it stands out , has someting infectious in it. Its like the name say’s – VIRAL!

Marketers, Online planners all hope that it will grow and reach a large audience set , but there is little which can be done to influence the complete path that the creative takes. Making a creative and sending it out via email to 500,000 people is not a viral – thats email marketing.

Whats a viral  Рa viral is cloverfield , the KFC advertisement , the Benny Lava video , Zoo Zoo.

What can a marketer do – make a good creative , have interesting communication and hope for the best. Your only influence is the medium which you use to push it into the market for the first time – the way you seed – after that its really out of your hand.