Lets make a Viral…..

I dont understand why client cant get it!

Over the last week , all i have heard is ‘lets make a viral”  ‘ i have a brilliant idea, lets do a viral” , “why cant we do a viral”….

You cant , becasue its not in your hands….

A viral is in it pure marketing sense is an advertisement or a creative which is pushed into the market and will get passed from person to person if it stands out , has someting infectious in it. Its like the name say’s – VIRAL!

Marketers, Online planners all hope that it will grow and reach a large audience set , but there is little which can be done to influence the complete path that the creative takes. Making a creative and sending it out via email to 500,000 people is not a viral – thats email marketing.

Whats a viral  – a viral is cloverfield , the KFC advertisement , the Benny Lava video , Zoo Zoo.

What can a marketer do – make a good creative , have interesting communication and hope for the best. Your only influence is the medium which you use to push it into the market for the first time – the way you seed – after that its really out of your hand.

5 thoughts on “Lets make a Viral…..

  1. Completely OT, but I came across your blog from the industry perspective a long time ago and it has survived various reading list purges. In the past year or so I have been travelling in the hills quite a bit and been reading up quite a bit on the travel/motoring forums and I saw the name ‘puchoo’ on some of them and wondered why it sounded familiar before the ‘why’ struck me. It is a tiny world out there 🙂

      • The trips have been absolutely lovely so far. Conspiring to do Binsar and Mount Abu before August and hatching crazy plans of doing Leh in my Swift in August. Being able to travel freely is one thing that I absolutely adore about having left the regular job, makes it well worth the bits of uncertainty that comes with it.

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