Bulk Messaging friends on Facebook

Got asked by a friend today about how to go abut doing a bulk sms on Facebook to everyone on the friends list. Honestly was a bit stumped, since i have never done it.

It appears that there is no real ‘direct’ way. One can setup an event and invite everyone , there is ofcourse a manual process of tying in the email id’s , or importing email addresses. I found that they best way , comparatively, was to create a list of all your friends and then while composing a message simply type the name of the list in the “TO” field and you can send a message to everyone.

After clicking your friends tab , on the left navigation you will see multiple lists present , you can create one from here or alternatively , click on “All Connections” and then click “Create list”. The unfortunate part is that the friends need to be highlighted manually one by one – No control “A” here 🙂

Whats good about it is that one does not need to go through the entire process of creating an event. The list stays till you wish to delete it and can be used again and again. Ofcourse it will need to be updated as and when you add new friends but thats a comparitively small update

Anyone know a better way? Would love to hear about it.

OK TATA no Bye Bye

Picked this one up from Wat-blog a little while ago – Oktatabyebye.com , the online travel community was hauled up by the TATA’s for using their name “Tata” in the website address , and the world intellectual property organization has ruled in the favor of the Tata’s – Make my trip is now going to move the Delhi High Court ( and rightly so in my opinion)

I wrote on WatBlog that – Given the state and condition of our trucks here in India , if TATA’s have such a problem with the name being used , they should haul up every truck driver or union and get them to remove the name from their vehicles as well….. after all i am sure it would not be too long ago for anyone to have noticed the Tata name on the back of a truck covered partly in garbage , or dirt – hows that for brand image? ( Anyone got a picture to share?)

Jokes aside , the community has been around for 3 years , Tata’s longer , why the problem now? And whats more where does one draw the line between everything being an intellectual property for someone or the other – Tata ( please correct me if i am off on this) has been a hind (slang?) word for ages , should generic words such as this even be allowed to fall under the preview of IPR’s?