Farmville Indian Flag

The Times of India reported today that Zynga will and has agreed to launch an Indian Flag for its popular game Farmville on Facebook sometime this week.

Farmville , allows users the choice of hosting multiple flags on their farm and has surprisingly not had the Indian flag as an option – Surprising , because i would assume that the Indian Subcontinent would hold some weight with the developers keeping in mind the ever increasing member base from here on Facebook and Farmville.

Ofcourse trust us to make an issue out of it. Snippets of conversation carried in the Times suggested people considering this exclusion as signs of racism and offensive. A supporting campaign / cause was launched on Facebook sometime ago as well for pressurizing the developers to have the flag as an option -the group has a 600 odd members.

Needless to say while having the flag as an option is good , the whole thing was an unnecessary melodrama. One of the bloggers interviewed suggested that this was a sign of the times and the philosophy of Gandhigiri among the youth – pretty heavy stuff….