Create Panorama’s Online

I love tinkering around with photography , and much to my dismay i realized that the recent Kodak i bought had everything except for a Panorama feature.

I got onto Photoshop and realized that they have such a feature , but many will simply either not have the software or a computer with the specs needed to run it fast , which got me eventually to go online and look around , and i think i found something which fits the bill is one such website offering this online functionality , and while there are others , i found them to be one of the better ones. Its free to sign up , and all one is required to do is upload the photos and then stitch them and save them. One can also share the link to the panorama instead of sending the image seperately.

The only disappointment is that it does not appear to be Firefox optimized , the website states that clearly and says that the patch will be in place soon.