Happy New Year!!

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy new year! May you have a lovely 2010, and remember dont drink and drive , party safe.

See you all in 2010!!


Fashion and you: Whats happening there?

Yahoo occupied a lot of the gossip grapevine over the last few months over various structural changes which took place within the organization amid which there were numerous resignations handed over.

One of the more prominent moves was that of Pearl Uppal and the consequent news that she was launching her own portal with Harish Bahl called www.Fashionandyou.com (covered reasonably extensively by Alootechie and Watblog). An exclusive , private , property wanting to reach out to the cream of the society with respect to its defined TG as well as the offerings (products) which it was going to make.

I have been trying to follow the developments on this property as closely as I can. It’s a relatively new model to enter the market and I am keen on seeing how it develops and gets accepted within the Indian market. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be moving.

The launch date for the website (and I assumed the products as well) was mid November – the website launched in time but nothing has taken place beyond that. What does seem to be occurring is a viral effort by the team to get as many members as possible. Earlier just prior and post to the launch, the ability to get an invitation was reasonably difficult – but the objective currently seems to be exactly that – the site is giving freebies (high end bags) and a credit of 1000 for people referring other people.

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Best Digital Campaign 2009

Not surprisingly , it goes to Tourism Queensland.

The internet was abuzz post the campaign breaking out.  For those not aware , the campaign essentially offers people the opportunity to come and be a caretaker of an island for 6 months and earn 105,000 USD during the period for essentially doing nothing beyond lazing and reporting to the world through video and imags. More details here.

The campaign got its official recognition through the MIXX Awards 2009 where it was selected as the Best in Show.

Any thoughts on what could have been India’s best for 2009?