Ploof Gourmet Kitchen and Deli

Ploof Is always around on the radar and one cannot help but visit it a few times every year , it close by to where one stays , no hassles with parking or the location and the food is good. Off late on top of eating there one has picked up some of their raw products as well from the Deli although value for money the Deli is not , picked up pork chops from there last I went and the bill was about 1200 or so for about 5-6 odd pieces, yes it served two people for dinner but drive a little more towards Jorbagh market and one can get the same number of chops , slightly smaller at around the 500-600 mark.

But this is not a review for the Deli – and coming back to the restaurant itself :- Technically they have a different menu for lunch and dinner , while there is not too much difference it would be prudent to go through it once to ensure that if there is something particular that one wants to eat it is available during the required time of day. Perfect for both lunch and dinner , it’s a nice quiet place to go and eat , typically never overflowing at all , don’t be surprised if you find yourself alone the day you go , it can be the case sometimes.

With the many visits one has had quite a few of their items over the years but the menu has enough variety for one to keep going back and not be out of options. Some of our more favorite items have been the Tenderloin in Green Pepper Sauce , The Fat Gringo which is their flagship burger , Fresh Rocket and Goat Cheese Salad , Goat cheese and Rocket wrapped in aged prosciutto – I prefer the meats the wife prefers the salads typically. Would also recommend their fish which they do a good job at. Have always wanted to try out the lamb chops (Australian) but at about 1500 per plate and add to it my typical experience of receiving small portions I have not bothered yet , and post the discovery of the lamb chops at Bonne Bouche it is unlikely that I would venture to buy them either anytime soon…

Chances that one would be on a good day very happy with what one gets to eat here , the staff can be slow here in terms of getting the food and the drinks to the table – and it has happened enough times for me to tag it as the trend and not the exception to the rule. Prices are fair , expect to pay about 2500 -3000 for 2 people , definitely not on the economical side but not outrageous either……… and whether one buy’s or not – do take a look at the Deli counter which is located right in the middle of the action on the ground floor.

photos not necessarily mine and might be sourced from restaurants website/Social Media channels

Ploof Gourmet Kitchen and Delhi Lodhi Road ploof deliploof interior ploof inside seating ploof outside seating

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