Online Classified’s – Some Thoughts

Classifieds is another buzz word in the market today and the latest entrant, in my knowledge, is We saw some heavy advertising during the month of October for the site which has been started off by the same guys running

But has it as a category really taken off? I strongly believe that this is a pretty touch category to make a mark in. I am a regular user, both as a buyer and sometimes as a seller, of such sites and a few things come to mind:-

1.A visitor might never have loyalty towards one. From the perspective of the seller: – the more sites which he can cover the better. As a buyer research by you would be carried out on multiple sites as well, hence loyalty might not be something to strive for at all here

2.The primary distinguishing factor will be the variety and extensiveness of the listings. Rediff was pretty smart in this regard and tied up with Infomedia Yellow Pages and pretty much brought the whole directory online to its P4C platform…but the problem in that is having a huge bunch of sellers never replying, updating products, services, contact details etc because they don’t have the relevant knowledge to do so and never did so to begin with.

3.A strong search feature is another important consideration. Be it within product categories or geographically – the ability for a site to get a visitor in touch with the products he wants as fast as possible is necessary

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Indian Express – CEO’s Internal Email (Leaked)

This is actually a rather old story but it must have been one of those days when i was totally spaced out and missed hearing or reading about it at all , and it was subsequently mentioned by a few people at a dinner i attended on Saturday…… needless to say , i was pretty interested on getting my hands on it considering i did a stint there.

 The mail can be found on this link.  The mail essentially talks about the problems being faced by the company and the financial mess they are in currently and tries to define a lot of reasons and solutions to fixing the same.

Shekhar explains that Sr. Management is taking the rap this time, that until performance improves he will not accept his total compensation , wage freezes on Sr. Management , removal of “communities” within departments , open door policy….most things which even start up’s enforce right from the start and continue to work on it.

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