Snowfall in Shimla

Just an  update for everyone who has been sending me questions on when they can expect snowfall in Shimla , and make travel plans accordingly – Shimla got some snowfall a few days back , while weather predictions are at best vague there appears to be a period between 24th – 26th December when most weather information services are predicting moderate to heavy showers – given the temperatures , this could easily translate into snow as well , but like i have been mentioning , there are no guarantees. 😉

What the Hex???

What the Hex , What the hex! – ruins the drive back home every evening.

I am sure a lot of you would have also got exposed to this ad on the radio over the last few days. I dont know about anyone else , but i thought it was irritating as hell…. for the first 2-3 times i firmly believed that the voice over was wrong – some guy and girl trying to be cool and instead of saying ‘heck’ were saying ‘hecks’ – till i realized it was neither – it was Hex!

I get what Reebok is trying to do – play on the word but unfortunately i think they and their writers got it wrong. It does not come out smart sounding at all – just sounds like 2 people who cannot pronounce the word , very very B grade if you ask me.

Any opinions?