Snowfall in Shimla

Just an  update for everyone who has been sending me questions on when they can expect snowfall in Shimla , and make travel plans accordingly – Shimla got some snowfall a few days back , while weather predictions are at best vague there appears to be a period between 24th – 26th December when most weather information services are predicting moderate to heavy showers – given the temperatures , this could easily translate into snow as well , but like i have been mentioning , there are no guarantees. 😉

What the Hex???

What the Hex , What the hex! – ruins the drive back home every evening.

I am sure a lot of you would have also got exposed to this ad on the radio over the last few days. I dont know about anyone else , but i thought it was irritating as hell…. for the first 2-3 times i firmly believed that the voice over was wrong – some guy and girl trying to be cool and instead of saying ‘heck’ were saying ‘hecks’ – till i realized it was neither – it was Hex!

I get what Reebok is trying to do – play on the word but unfortunately i think they and their writers got it wrong. It does not come out smart sounding at all – just sounds like 2 people who cannot pronounce the word , very very B grade if you ask me.

Any opinions?

Just finished watching this really great documentary which i thought i must mention and recommend on the blog given that one speaks about the internet so often here.

The plotline according to IMDB

Friends since high school, 20-somethings Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman have an idea: a Web site for people to conduct business with municipal governments. This documentary tracks the rise and fall of from May of 1999 to December of 2000, and the trials the business brings to the relationship of these best friends. Kaleil raises the money, Tom’s the technical chief. A third partner wants a buy out; girlfriends come and go; Tom’s daughter needs attention. And always the need for cash and for improving the site. Venture capital comes in by the millions. Kaleil is on C-SPAN, CNN, and magazine covers. Will the business or the friendship crash first

A lot of fun for anyone from this domain. Definitely worth a watch.

Air India -Bad Advertising

I noticed this placement of the ad for Air India in the Sunday (Delhi) edition of the Times of India yesterday and it took me a moment to notice but once i did i have not been able to get it out of my head.

Apologies for the image , its the best i could do but the e paper is available and you can see it clearly here

Essentially Air India has a rather large ad present as is clearly visible , but it so turned out that Times of India placed it next to article on declining safety standards in the India Aviation Industry – in my opinion i thought that was quite the blunder…. now that its stuck in my head and a few of my colleagues to whom i mentioned it , everytime one says Air India , one thinks of this article i.e loose safety standards….. and while the connection is not direct to the brand , it’s not the kind of placement a brand or a marketing guy would or should be happy with.

Air India Ad placement blunder

Air India Ad placement blunder

Happy new year!!

A bit late in the day , im aware , but here’s wishing all my readers a very happy and prosperous New Year.

My apologies for being away , but have been tied up in projects throughout the last month. Things look better now and i should be posting again , frequently, soon!