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Alootechie carried an article a few days back by an anonymous write with respect to UGC , and how most of it sucks-

The article spoke essentially on the irrelevancy of UGC and focused on networking sites , Blogs etc. The article attracted a lot of comments , more hostile than positive and in in typical style more emotional than thought – out

I agree with the writer in what he says , what he fails to do however, and this is why the hostility, is to suggest that , generically, UGC is crap and though big is , or rather should not be, a significant part of this industry.

What i believe he was trying to say was that a majority of UGC is nonsense , not that there is no good UGC at all. People will get exposed to 10 instances of nonsensical UGC’s before hitting a good one leading to a prejudice against that platform. People who know where to look will not have this problem.

To involve Networking sites into this argument in my opinion might not be fair. An Orkut is not UGC in its literal sense , i will not classify a “helloz will you be freindship with me” message on orkut as UGC , neither a profile picture not even a sane exchange of scraps. However i do concede that it difficult to rule them out alltogether either keeping in mind a site like Linkedin with it Answers platform.  In my experience networking sites need to develop niche direction to really start making a meaningful impact. I agree i managed to meet a lot of “forgotten” pals through them but at the same time i probably got a 1000 scraps for friendship , whether i was married , and if not would i marry…

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