Planet M to sell Mobiles

Heard the news that Planet M is planning to foray into Mobiles as well. Simply put they will be retailing mobiles from their stores as well. The tie up is with Essar Telecom , and the logic behind it is that music being one of the biggest mobile features , such a step would strengthen the bond between mobiles and music.

Nothing new , Planet M has been selling stuff other than music for a while now. The south extension outlet in Delhi has an all-together section on the FF which caters to electronic items – ipods etc etc.

I think it’s more of an effort to ensure more minutes per visitor in the store and consequently the higher chances of a sale. Music is still a big business as far as piracy is concerned and with no stringent laws governing P2P platforms such as Bittorrent (Thank God!!) , they might not be doing too well. Sure the places are always full, barely room to walk around – how many of you want to bet that a good percentage of those foot falls are people with no intention to buy but listen to free music ,and another percentage as people just “hanging out” in that particular market or mall? So if one cant make enough money through your initial business model , then what….. extend the product line.

Not that there is anything wrong with it, I hope it works, but i for one would have concentrated more on being able to deliver on what i started with (read good music). I have had numerous issues with them. Broken cd covers, scratched discs, unplayable movie formats , lack of stock, inadequate representation of all genres of music etc etc. I would rather fix that and then look at other things, and maintaining a certain min. standard on quality. What prevents the same mistakes, or lack of discipline occurring in other areas as well?

ICICI – Excuses Galore

I have been a customer with ICICI for over 5 years, and never have I faced the degree of frustration than I have at their hands. But now when I look back at it, I am almost glad it happened, if not banking services they did atleast supply a lot of laughter over the years.

You may ask , why 5 years with a bad bank , well , being an outsider in Delhi I had all acceptable documentation proofs at my Shimla address, and it so happened that ICICI was providing a student account which did not require these , hence the fall.

A day before newspapers carried the story of ICICI servers crashing, ATM’s not working and the possibility that it was a terrorist attack I had the misfortune of having to call them. While my account there is more or less redundant I still have one tiny attachment which still constitutes towards them being a part of my life – A Credit Card from Hell!

I was having a nice quite evening with my wife when I suddenly get a message informing me that my new Airtel bill has been generated and it will be cleared by ICICI Visa Bill Pay by the 20th…now this came as a surprise since no authorization to this effect had been given my me…nevertheless I needed to call and cancel this process otherwise there was a chance that I mite have paid Airtel double the amount (and unfortunately this happened to be rather high bill as well)

So once home I called ICICI and went through the entire phone menu to be told that they can’t do anything….system is under routine maintenance, please call back… I did about 10 times without success…… here are some of the excerpts from the actual conversations

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Cell Phone Cross Connection , Airtel frequency


I was not even aware that this would happen.

Walking back to my car yesterday , speaking to my sister about something and then suddenly out of no-where i could hear these 2 guys chatting away regarding a consignment of furniture to be delivered to Jaipur.

The connection with my sister was totally cut off , and when these 2 finished their conversation then my phone tuned into some one else. I did for a minute think it might have been a police transmission , but then the content obviously did not support that (Not that i have any doubts that our cop’s would be talking about something like this)

Eventually after 3-4 conversations i was finally back in the loop , but this time with some other guy all together..who in this case could talk to me.. really strange..?

I guess the logical explanation would be that someone managed to touch that frequency while i was making the call…. the question is what… CB radio….in India, unheard of.

The second question would be that was i the only one affected or anyone using Airtel at that point / location. I did a google on it but failed to come up with any solid answers , but i spent all of 5 minutes looking so maybe i missed something. Maybe my handset?

Location GK 1 , Time 18:30 Hrs , Provider : Airtel , Handset : 6681, Nokia

Anyone? Hellooooooo?