Review: Beverly Hills Cop

I grew up watching movies such as these and i still remember the excitement everytime a sequel came out. Ever since torrents entered my life i have been going mad downloading anything i can lay my hands on and last week decided to download the entire Beverly Hills Cop trilogy.

….and it just was not the same. I found it slow, not too funny, not too much action and overall a rainy day kind of a movie.  While the acting was ok , the movie is just not comparable to what is being produced today and thus the disappointment.  Action movies have attained a different peak with respect to special effects , plots, soundtrack. which movies such as these just cant compare to , and thats fair but i also believe that if it is a truly good movie, it will overcome these hurdles and remain popular. I guess the only reason i remember it , is because the child in me still does.

I am going to watch the other 2 parts today, which i remember very little of. Hopefully it will be better.

Movie Review : Sunshine



Our sun is dying , and the only hope for survival is a team of astronauts which is sent to revive the dying sun by delivering a payload which will re initiate the fusion process within the sun. A similar team was sent 8 years ago but did not succeed and was never heard from again.


I , to be honest , did not even know that this movie existed. While surfing a site dedicated to science fiction i came across it and the plot immediately caught my attention , as such plots never fail to do 🙂

Fortunately good releases were already out on the torrent community and 6 hours later the download was completed and the movie ready to be watched !

The special effects grab you right at the beginning of the movie and hold you for much after it has finished. Continue reading

Review : Earthstorm

EarthstormThe Plot

 A massive asteroid / meteor crashes into the “dark side” of the moon causing havoc in weather and tides on Earth. The planet is them bombarded with city sized asteroid debris causing much death and destruction. Scientists then discover that the debris raining down on earth is not that of the asteroid but is in-fact pieces of the moon itself who now threatens to tear itself apart and crash into earth resulting in Armageddon.


🙂 I knew i was exposing myself to a lot of frustration, garbage the minute i hit the download button on my torrent client , but i have a weakness for films based around such plot-lines – Armageddon ,Deep Impact, Sunshine etc and not watching it was never an option.

I was actually feeling quite confident that it would not be too bad or cheesy at all considering the fact that Stephen Baldwin was in it. Not that Stephen is a Tom Hanks but he does have alot of films and acting experience under him.

Needless to say he did not help. In-fact he looked more uncomfortable, rigid than anyone else in the film. Flat dialogues with a very noticeable effort to deliver on dialogue’s. The other actors were not far behind in their convincing abilities. Anna Silk was obviously present there to try and provide the “hot girl in distress’ angle to the whole thing while Amy Price could have been done away altogether.

The effects are not good at all and it comes to light as soon as the movie comes on. One of the first scenes is of the asteroid striking the moon and instead of feeling that its happening in space , it feels like a clip picked straight out from a video game…and this carries on for the entire movie. Some of them feel more outdated than what one would expect to see on the old Star Trek series.

The pace is fast , things keep happening all the time minus on or two moments of self – reflection by the actors which unfortunately are just YUCK!  Not something you would plan a whole evening around!



Review : The Host

The HostThe Plot

One day, a mutant suddenly appears from the depths of the Han River and spreads panic and death. A local businessman’s grand-daughter is taken by the mutant. In the middle of the grief the family discovers that she is still alive and go to rescue her facing independent perils , and challenges along the way.


Watch the movie if you dont have anything else to do , thats how i ended up seeing it. The plot line was actually not that bad as was the general pace and suspense the movie kept alive and in the end turned to be quite a reasonable way of spending 2 odd hours.

 The basic problem in enoying this movie is the english dubbing. While the dubbing in itself is good, a lot of emotion , and dialogue effect is lost in translation. Scenes which were meant to be sad , self reflecting with a strong under effect of tragedy ended up looking like comic scenes straight out of a friday night martial arts film on Star Movies…and this is what took away from most of the fun.

The special effects were good , the monster did not look scary to me (but i have watched one too many sci-fi flicks) and seemed to be rather clumsy at times with a strong resemblance to a frog on wobbly legs. But close ups and slower scenes were good and so was the detail.

Sound was ok , nothing to write home about but the tracks did their job reasonably.

I would not advise anyone spending too much money on seeing this film. While it is schedule to hit theatres in India i doubt that the life for the movie on screen will be more than 10 odd days. Better to hop on to a bit torrent client and download it.

Over all rating would be 5 / 10….mostly because there is no way for me to evaluate the acting since the dubbing reduces the “feel” factor.