Shimla – Part 1


I consider myself lucky to have been born and brought up for a large duration of my life in Shimla. For most, a frequented holiday spot, a sought after tourist destination , a place to get away from it all , for me home. All my reviews are based on personal interaction with the property and its various aspects.

There is a fair amount of criticism on Shimla now. Overcrowding , traffic is a mess , too much development and other typical tourist problems which crop up such as lack of accommodation at times , over charging  etc etc. But despite this it still remains as tempting as it ever was.

Most people, when they think of the place, tend to think of the Mall , roughly about a . 6 km walk on a slight incline with shops bustling on one side. Off roads from the mall are the ridge (excellent views) , lower Bazaar (the less fancy day to day item shops , wholesalers) and the tibetian bazaar ( on the ridge).¬† As a result anyone and everyone who stops in Shimla finds him or herself and take about a 100,000 such people with families and cars and the overcrowding problem “why” is solved.

While the Mall is a must see the actual beauty of the place has always been towards the outskirts. Most superficial tourists are content with the Mall and the bars and few photos with the monkeys and holding hands and thats it , but many a times have i had to console a genuine traveller on the “charm” factor.

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