Tarkali Beach

beach-goa.jpgThe Place: 550 odd kms from Mumbai this is a lovely beach with clean sand and sparkling waters – and barely a soul around. On the whole, the MTDC resort is good, accomodation is in cute Konkani huts with sloping roofs! They can get you any kind of seafood as long as you given them a few hours notice. Beer is available, but comes wrapped in newspaper in Bisleri cartons and can be had in the dining area.

 Getting There: If you are planning to take a bus from Pune/Mumbai, Pune is definately the better option – during the day only state transport buses run from Mumbai and apart from the fact that they are not the most comfortable, they take ages to get anywhere.

Things To Do: Nothing beats being on the beach. But there is a backwater cruise you can do – go early in the morning if you want to see the dolphins (we didn’t see any tho). Be careful when going from the backwaters into the open sea – the waves are huge and can turn your boat over if you’re not careful. If you want to see a fort, to uptil Malvan, 6 kms, and take a ferry to the Sindhudurg fort out at sea. There is not much there tho – a few dhabas inside, a few temples and a crumbling outer wall – nothing to match the grandeur of the Janjira for

Low point of the visit : Arrival of the Deccan Odyssey : Our bags were taken out of our rooms, in our absence, at 9 a.m., when it had been agreed that we could keep the room till 10:30 a.m. The reason – the Deccan group was arriving in 3 hours and all rooms had to be cleaned out so that they could use them to wash up! And, in any case, which decent resort/hotel throws you out one minute after your check-out time??

At lunch time, every single table had a card on it saying ’reserved’ and the tables had been set with fine bone china crockery and good cutlery and roses. We were told to sit on the most uncomforable wooden benches under some trees and had the constant fear of having bird droppings land in our food.

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