Linkedin Direct Ad’s system falls a bit short

I have been surfing around the self service system for adverting on Linkedin – DirectAds – for sometime now hoping to be able to put the same into an online promotional plan for a client. I have to say its one of the easiest looking interaces i have come across , its simple to understand and move through , write the ad , arrange the targeting and move onto the payment page.

This is where i got stuck. I realized , and i am quite surprised that Linkedin would not have factored this in , is the absence of a proper budget system. The current platform allows for Daily budgets to be assigned but thats it. I found this to be a bit crude because it means that i need to keep going back to the site to turn on the ad’s everyday (assuming the daily budget is expired) – it would be so much simpler and efficient to be able to put it long term budgets – for example 15,000 USD a month with a daily cap of 50 USD a day with a cap of 3 USD CPC – in one shot , i am set for the month , and protected with a daily and a creative cap as well.

I doubt its an oversight , probably a conscious descison , atleast i hope it is , it would not insipre much confidence if the team looking after the DirectAd system had simply overlooked this. Hope they get thison the site soon.