Tata Nano Launched

I know this has very little to do with what i generally tend to write about, but considering the hype which has been generated in the market over the last few months on the “peoples car” project by the Tata’s …

The NANO was officially launched today at the auto expo in New Delhi with a starting price tag of 100,000 INR not including VAT. Tata’s plans of offering various up-market options as well. Its a 640 CC , 4 speed manual with an AC. Basic suspension and the dash only has a speedometer, a fuel indicator and an oil light. Brakes are drum based and the mileage is projected at 20-25 or so. Saftey features was an apprehension in the market but the car has passed frontal and side crash exercises. The vehicle also meets all environmental norms of the country as of this date.

Its about8% smaller than the Maruti 800, bumper to bumper, but has 20% more internal volume. The roll out of the car is definitely going to be a buzz in the market for a long long time. Maruti and Hyundai have clearly stated that they cannot match this price given their policies on safety etc and have publicly acknowledged that market share and leadership (for Maruti) is under threat and in all probability will come down.

But are all things gold? Maybe not. While all kudos to the company for this industry breaking project, there are interesting and some mixed reactions in the market.

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