Review: Beverly Hills Cop

I grew up watching movies such as these and i still remember the excitement everytime a sequel came out. Ever since torrents entered my life i have been going mad downloading anything i can lay my hands on and last week decided to download the entire Beverly Hills Cop trilogy.

….and it just was not the same. I found it slow, not too funny, not too much action and overall a rainy day kind of a movie.  While the acting was ok , the movie is just not comparable to what is being produced today and thus the disappointment.  Action movies have attained a different peak with respect to special effects , plots, soundtrack. which movies such as these just cant compare to , and thats fair but i also believe that if it is a truly good movie, it will overcome these hurdles and remain popular. I guess the only reason i remember it , is because the child in me still does.

I am going to watch the other 2 parts today, which i remember very little of. Hopefully it will be better.