Defence Colony RWA want Commercialization

While this is yet to be verified by me through anyone else within the RWA as well , if true it stands to do a lot of damage to one one of the greenest, cleanest and best colonies in New Delhi.

The reason the RWA seems to be pushing for this it seems is that a lot of the members with the RWA are developers, land owners who wish to cash in on the demand. The area being considered for commercial approval is along the major roads.For those who are not familiar with the area, imagine a rectangle , all the sides are along major roads , all these sides are being considered for the same.

I am fearful of what this is going to do to the space along these sections. While i will still be protected from the thousands of cars which will pour into the colony i can but imagine the plight of residents along these sections. No privacy, some of them will never see their parking spot again, crowding , jams. And no one is going to come forward to see that a certain amount of discipline is maintained to keep the effect of this at bay.