Delhi Speed Limit – Too low too slow.

I bang my head and twinkle my toes every time i am returning back to the city from somewhere where i have been to in my car. I just got back from Chandigarh last Sunday. Covered 220 Km’s in less than 3 hours and the remaining 40 to Defence Colony from the Boarded took me almost 1.5 hours…. a sheer waste of time!

Look at the picture below, this is just after i entered the border, and i was going so slow that i could take out my phone and start taking snaps. Nice wide road, almost no traffic….and now look at my speedometer…ya sad right..?


And its quite a shock to the body as well. After being at 100-120 kmph for over 2 hours , to suddenly drop down to 50 is a bit traumatic , not to mention that it can take a while to get used to it. Continue reading

Delhi Police SMS Service

The Delhi police launched an sms service a few days go whereby citizens could send an sms to the number and the automated reply would include any pending offences which one could then proceed to clear up.

I tried the sms service. Simply SMS N (space) Car Registration number to 50100. I got a prompt revert indicating that i had no pending dues etc. It sounds simple , yes, but i use a lot of caution when dealing with any government department in the country and am unable to fully believe the sms. Not to say that i have offences pending, but a service like this just seems to be too good.

One can also visit the Delhi police website and do a search with the registration number. At least thats what reporters, who covered the story and did the write up, said. And if you ask me i think neither of them actually did their homework. I spent 20 minutes on the site yesterday and was unable to find any section on the site where i could search. Its either not there or so well hidden that only the webmaster knows it exact location. Currently the site is not even opening !