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I got a chance to catch up with Pankaj Chaddah , one of the founding members for , over email recently and he generously consented to a small interview which is published below. For those unaware , Foodiebay is an initiative by group of IIT Delhi guys and Alumni and is essentially a restaurant directory covering the Delhi , Noida and Gurgaon area.

You might ask or suggest that this is just another fish in the pond, but the differentiator for this site among all the others is the strong menu resource ( An idea i was hoping to capitalize on sometime, and now out of the window ­čÖé ) . All the restaurants covered have their menus scanned to the site as well and gives you a more accurate picture of the food variety and importantly prices as well. In my opinion , its a an excellent feature and if updated and handled properly over the coming months will be a significant traffic generator as well.

Enough of me , lets have a word with Pankaj :-

What made you start the site? Is there enough of an opportunity for a resource like this ??

The stack of menus that our company used to order food from various places actually inspired us to start the site. Since then a whole lot of users have stopped filing menus in their drawers and are using the website exclusively for home delivery purposes.There is enough opportunity for this resource , a similar website in the US , , is very popular.

One of the best things i like about the site is that fact that it has menus available. In my opinion, it hs to be one of the strongest points for the site..

Totally !! This is the core of the website. The whole website is modeled to be the ultimate menu resource either for home delivery or as a reference for eating out.

How do you procure the menu’s? Is there a field team doing it? I know there is an upload menu feature on the site but how many owners actually use it?

Yes , we have a field team. The upload menu feature has actually never been used so far (maybe the restaurant owners are not very internet savvy ) but we have received a lot of emails from owners requesting us to put their menu’s online.

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Blue Line Buses – Not their fault alone.

Updated at 4 PM ,┬á8th Oct – The Delhi hig court has asked the government to┬átake action. One – Find out how many politicans own Blue Lines. Second, though i just hear a bit, is that the plan to phase out Blue Lines to be sent in by Thursday this week.┬áLet’s see what develops.


It turned out to be one of those rare Sundays where i actually managed to get some news time in and right from the morning all the way till i went off to sleep at 1 AM , everyone was talking about Blue Line Buses in Delhi.

The enthusiastic coverage had been generated by another accident near Faridabad which resulted in 6 people being killed. The bus was speeding ( 60 kmph in a 40) and ran into people who were getting off another bus. Total death this year , by these buses , is at 93. In typical Indian style the mob beat up the driver, destroyed the bus, police did not do anything and news media started the age old discussion of whether they should be banned and how everyone in Delhi is afraid of them.

After listening for a while i finally got fed up and had to pen this down. The way i see it is that 50% of that 93 probably deserved to die. Most Delhiites┬á have no manners- be it driving or walking. I drive only 2 kms’s to work everyday and 4 out of 7 days i almost end up hitting someone..not because i drive too fast , or dont concentrate but people here tend to spring out onto the road like rabbits, one would almost imagine that they wanted to get hit..maybe its a new suicidal technique…

Last month at 9 PM near the Interstate Bus Terminal 7 cars got involved in a pile up in front of me..why…

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And it poured and poured and poured……

If you are reading this , then you are one of the lucky ones who did not get stuck, in what i can only call a torrential downpour in Delhi. I managed to leave office just in time , more importantly managed to get my stock of beer for tonight..!

The only reason i managed to not get stuck in traffic today was the short distance from my office back to my place. But even then it had to be one of the most exciting drives i have ever had!! And i belong to the its not someone who has not seen bad weather sayin this. Even with full speed on the wipers , visibility was less than 10 feet at places..vehicles broken down all over the place , massive flooding…yep..i was in my own action movie. Take a look at the 2 attached snaps to get an idea of what it was like , both pics managed to come in between the wiper motion, but trust me they were on! And no, i was not driving and clicking, i was at a standstill..:-)


IAMAI Conference 2007 – Snippets from Speakers

I had all my notes and everything in place to put up a detailed report on the conference but my laziness to blame. Alootechie and Contentsutra have both filled up the contentsphere with summaries from it. Let me instead outline a few things which some of the speakers shared and which i liked.


– The top 6 players in the industry can change the market and give it the direction it needs. Forget Market Dynamics , its upto us.

– If agencies start selling cheap, what about the guy who has just started off , what will he survive on – Dont sell cheap – we are only damaging ourselves

– IAMAI should consolidate the industry – Why can we Ban people who dont pay up on time. Print media has these safegaurds , why not Internet.

– Change now, raise the bar now otherwise it will be too late.


– The guys who speand and have everything in their hands are the guys who need to understand– Its next to impossible to be able to survive at 10 CPM

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