And it poured and poured and poured……

If you are reading this , then you are one of the lucky ones who did not get stuck, in what i can only call a torrential downpour in Delhi. I managed to leave office just in time , more importantly managed to get my stock of beer for tonight..!

The only reason i managed to not get stuck in traffic today was the short distance from my office back to my place. But even then it had to be one of the most exciting drives i have ever had!! And i belong to the its not someone who has not seen bad weather sayin this. Even with full speed on the wipers , visibility was less than 10 feet at places..vehicles broken down all over the place , massive flooding…yep..i was in my own action movie. Take a look at the 2 attached snaps to get an idea of what it was like , both pics managed to come in between the wiper motion, but trust me they were on! And no, i was not driving and clicking, i was at a standstill..:-)