Turning off Facebook Open Graph

I am not even going to attempt going into the details , negatives and positives of the announcements which Facebook has made in the recent F8 conference , theres a lot of information out on the web and sites like Watblog have covered it well. What i will touch on is the Open Graph feature

To summarize , Open graph essentially allows other websites to access details of your Facebook account to try and give you a more personalized experience while surfing the internet. FB has tied up with 30 odd vendors across the web right now to try and make this happen. So if you visit a website , the open graph gives you recommendations basis what it thinks you will like – what you like is something it will try and figure out by scanning your FB account – Yes , Privacy suddenly becomes public.

I for one am still in the process of digesting all the implications and the information present on this , but what i did do was to turn off this feature to ensure that till i am 100% convinced (IF) , my details are protected and for those who wish to follow the same approach , this is how you can turn it off ( Incidentally for me it was off by default , but never hurts to check it out)

Login to your account and go to Privacy Settings from the account tab present on the top right. Then go to applications and websites in the choices which you see.  Once inside this page , scroll right to the bottom , to the INSTANT PERSONALIZATION link and uncheck ALLOW. This will deactivate the feature.

Facebook Privacy

Bulk Messaging friends on Facebook

Got asked by a friend today about how to go abut doing a bulk sms on Facebook to everyone on the friends list. Honestly was a bit stumped, since i have never done it.

It appears that there is no real ‘direct’ way. One can setup an event and invite everyone , there is ofcourse a manual process of tying in the email id’s , or importing email addresses. I found that they best way , comparatively, was to create a list of all your friends and then while composing a message simply type the name of the list in the “TO” field and you can send a message to everyone.

After clicking your friends tab , on the left navigation you will see multiple lists present , you can create one from here or alternatively , click on “All Connections” and then click “Create list”. The unfortunate part is that the friends need to be highlighted manually one by one – No control “A” here 🙂

Whats good about it is that one does not need to go through the entire process of creating an event. The list stays till you wish to delete it and can be used again and again. Ofcourse it will need to be updated as and when you add new friends but thats a comparitively small update

Anyone know a better way? Would love to hear about it.

Facebook Launches Chat

Logged onto Facebook a little while ago and noticed that they have launched the chat feature. Apologies if this is old news but i have only been hearing about it and saw it for the first time today.

Green dots indicate friends online and there is a online friends menu as well. The best option is that you can make yourself invisible, something which i shall do often!