Zoomtra Launches Google Widget

I think this is a new add on to the features list at Zoomtra. The Zoomtra Google Gadget ! From what i can recall , no other travel site has this feature..so its a first in the industry…!

Its a pretty neat tool to have with respect to getting regular alerts on travel deals. The way it works is simple – By adding the google widget, every time you go to Google.com , you will see a display from Zoomtra on the page which shows the fares available for that particular month (all 30 days , or remaining days) for the destination you have chosen. To add simply follow the following steps.

1. Log on to Zoomtra.com

2. Click on “lowest fares for the month on one page” on the top right of the page.

3. Choose locations, months etc and click on the “add to Google” icon.

4. The you get the following screen , post this i think you would be required to enter your google id and password to complete the process.