Google Acquires Doubleclick

Google has agreed to cough up close to 3.1 Billion USD to acquire Doubleclick , one of the which is heavily into display, video and banners ad’s.

The move is clearly an attempt by google to move into the promising display advertising arena and simultaneously create obstacles for Microsoft entering into online search. The merger of these 2 giants will undoubtedly provide humongous servings of inventory to advertisers across the globe.

Google : UK’s biggest brand

In a recent survey conducted by research firm Superbrands , UK voted Google as the top brand in the country. Google pushed out the BBC to claim the top spot.  Google is the only brand in the top 50 which was established post 1990 while the average age in this segment is close to 90 years.

Microsoft was second followed by the BBC and BP (3rd & 4th) , In 5th came Glaxo, followed by Roll Royce in 6th. The others were :-

7th – Financial Times

8th – British Airlines

9th – fedex

10th – Hertz

Google’s New Forumla

How many of you were/are aware that google is in the process of rolling out a change in the formula which determines top spots placements for advertisers. The news is relatively old, being announced on August 2007 and the changes coming into place from October 2007 but is probably one of the most important changes made by Google in 2007.

Current formula is based purely on Quality Scoreand takes into account the actual CPC. Goggle however believed that this can be refined even more and should be considering that under the current equation, an advertisers placement depends to a large degree on the bidding characteristics of the advertisers below them, a factor not in control for the advertiser gunning for the top spot.

The change will be to take into account maximum CPC rather than actual, which allows for greater control towards this objective. This is also expected to increase the overall quality of the top ad’s for the users and give Google a larger pool to choose from.

IAMAI Conference 2007 – Snippets from Speakers

I had all my notes and everything in place to put up a detailed report on the conference but my laziness to blame. Alootechie and Contentsutra have both filled up the contentsphere with summaries from it. Let me instead outline a few things which some of the speakers shared and which i liked.


– The top 6 players in the industry can change the market and give it the direction it needs. Forget Market Dynamics , its upto us.

– If agencies start selling cheap, what about the guy who has just started off , what will he survive on – Dont sell cheap – we are only damaging ourselves

– IAMAI should consolidate the industry – Why can we Ban people who dont pay up on time. Print media has these safegaurds , why not Internet.

– Change now, raise the bar now otherwise it will be too late.


– The guys who speand and have everything in their hands are the guys who need to understand– Its next to impossible to be able to survive at 10 CPM

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Digitial Marketing – IAMAI Conference 2007

I finally managed to attend a “full” conference. I have had the opportunity to visit the forum over the years but have never managed to see / hear more than an hour or so. Yesterday i did! 10- 6 PM , all Speakers and all the topics.

The conference was held at The Intercontinental at Connaught Place and the turnout was very impressive. I overheard one of the officials from IAMAI stating that they had almost double the attendees as las year , which actually was quite clear – there was a shortage of seats.

I have been a good boy and taken tons of notes , interesting comments and observations made by the speakers under the various discussion topics which i shall put up here for the benefit of those who wish to know what took place. It will be a bit of a task and i should have everything up by today evening or tom. Watch this space !

Zoomtra Launches Google Widget

I think this is a new add on to the features list at Zoomtra. The Zoomtra Google Gadget ! From what i can recall , no other travel site has this its a first in the industry…!

Its a pretty neat tool to have with respect to getting regular alerts on travel deals. The way it works is simple – By adding the google widget, every time you go to , you will see a display from Zoomtra on the page which shows the fares available for that particular month (all 30 days , or remaining days) for the destination you have chosen. To add simply follow the following steps.

1. Log on to

2. Click on “lowest fares for the month on one page” on the top right of the page.

3. Choose locations, months etc and click on the “add to Google” icon.

4. The you get the following screen , post this i think you would be required to enter your google id and password to complete the process.