IRCTC Transaction Limit

A friend of  mine told and then subsequently showed me that the IRCTC site allows users upto a maximum of 10 active transactions a month. By active, it means 10 tickets which have been purchased are are “active”…or to put it in another way..confirmed. In order to do more transactions one needs to cancel some of the existing tickets. Hence if you are at 10 and want to book 2 more, then you need to cancel 2.

The  canceled tickets need to reflect in your account under the “Booked ticket” section of the site. This was proven by a simple test of canceling one yesterday, today it got reflected in the section and one was able to book another ticket…

While individual consumers would not really be hassled , 10 is a pretty high limit,unless you live on a train, what does this mean for travel/tour operators who probably do transactions in multiple of this number daily…?