OK TATA no Bye Bye

Picked this one up from Wat-blog a little while ago – Oktatabyebye.com , the online travel community was hauled up by the TATA’s for using their name “Tata” in the website address , and the world intellectual property organization has ruled in the favor of the Tata’s – Make my trip is now going to move the Delhi High Court ( and rightly so in my opinion)

I wrote on WatBlog that – Given the state and condition of our trucks here in India , if TATA’s have such a problem with the name being used , they should haul up every truck driver or union and get them to remove the name from their vehicles as well….. after all i am sure it would not be too long ago for anyone to have noticed the Tata name on the back of a truck covered partly in garbage , or dirt – hows that for brand image? ( Anyone got a picture to share?)

Jokes aside , the community has been around for 3 years , Tata’s longer , why the problem now? And whats more where does one draw the line between everything being an intellectual property for someone or the other – Tata ( please correct me if i am off on this) has been a hind (slang?) word for ages , should generic words such as this even be allowed to fall under the preview of IPR’s?